A lively voyage
Полосатый рейс
Year of production: 1961
Production country: USSR
Production company: Lenfilm Studios
Director: Vladimir Fetin
Screenwriter: Alexei Kapler, Viktor Konetsky
Composer: Veniamin Basner
D.O.P.: Dmitry Meskhiyev
Production designer: Alexei Rudyakov
Sound Director: Arnold Shargorodsky
Cast: Ivan Dmitriyev, Margarita Nazarova, Alexei Gribov, Yevgeny Leonov, Alexander Beniaminov, Alexei Smirnov, Alexei Kozhevnikov
Film category: Comedy
Rating: 12+
Length: 83 min.
A Soviet boat is transporting an unusual and very expensive shipment -tigers, lions, and a mischievous monkey. This shipment is accompanied by Shumeikin, a cook working for the trade mission who pretends to be a tamer.
At sea the monkey opens the cages of the wild beasts and this leads to a series of funny adventures.
Vladimir Fetin