«Golden Raven» nominees and Jury members became known

The Organizing committee of the IV Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" received about 200 submissions to competition programs from more than 25 countries from all over the world, but mostly from Arctic region.
A word of welcome from the Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic on the opening of the Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival.
I am happy to welcome participants, organizers, and guests of the Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival!
Chukotka is inspiring. Magnificent mountain views, glittering snow, vast ocean. What matters most is that it is home to sincere and open-minded people who truly love their
harsh land. This is what the Golden Raven Film Festival is all about.
Importantly, the film forum will offer the people of Chukotka the opportunity to be introduced to the best motion pictures of Russia as well as other countries of the Arctic. The art of cinema brings people together, and I am happy that our Far East is becoming a magnet for cinematographers from all over the globe.
The Chukotka festival is still very young but it is obvious that each year it becomes recognizable, grows professionally, and wins new friends. I am sure that the third Golden Raven will bring new discoveries!
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish the participants of this film festival success, new acquaintances, and creative ideas. And I wish an enjoyable experience to the viewers!

Aleksandr Kozlov,
Minister for the Development
of the Russian Far East and Arctic
Оргкомитет IV Международного арктического кинофестиваля "Золотой ворон" назвал участников номинаций и состав международного жюри.
28 января 2020
1 февраля 2020
27 января 2020 года IV Международный арктический кинофестиваль «Золотой ворон» подвел итоги работы отборочной комиссии объявил участников конкурсных программ и членов международного жюри.
12 февраля 2020
До открытия IV Международного арктического кинофестиваля "Золотой Ворон" на Чукотке осталось около месяца.
3 февраля 2020
Интерес к участию в Международном арктическом кинофестивале «Золотой ворон» проявили авторы из 25 стран мира.