Volunteer opportunities

On December 6, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Executive Order on Holding the Year of Volunteer in the Russian Federation.

"I propose to declare 2018 the Year of Volunteer. This will be recognition of your service to people, ordinary citizens whom you offer assistance and support and appreciation of your great contribution to the development of our country. This will be your year, the year of all citizens of this country whose will, energy, and generosity are the driving force of Russia," Vladimir Putin said at the ceremony.

According to the President, this decision will be an acknowledgement of the services of volunteers – people who work in hospitals and social institutions, help find missing people, provide all possible assistance to those affected by natural disasters, preserve nature and culture, establish identities of fallen soldiers, and assist with holding major international events.

The Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival invites everyone to take part as volunteers. Please send your request to goldenravenfilmfest@gmail.com with the subject line "Volunteer - [Your name]." In the message, provide brief information about yourself, your English language proficiency, age, city, contact information, and photo.

Source: RIA Novosti