An absolute zero
Полный ноль
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: AT-PRODUCTION
Director: Yulia Saponova
Producer: Asya Temnikova, Yulia Saponova, Igor Mishin
Screenwriter: Yulia Saponova, Yulia Koloshenko
Composer: Sofya Romanova
D.O.P.: Alexey Petrushkevich
Editor: Alyona Galushko
Sound Director: Alexey Gaidai, Alexey Khasanov
Cast: Alexander Yatsenko, Elizabeth Damsker, Artem Silin
Film category: Short fiction film
Rating: 16+
Length: 8 min.
During casting, the director finds a perfect match, but there is a small nuance: the actor has Down syndrome. And while the director is trying to figure out how to fuse the uninvited candidate, he actually manages to change his life.
Selected festival history
  • Moscow International Film Festival
  • Film Festival "Seize the Film", Serbia, Novi Sad
  • International Festival of social advertising in defense of life and family "Ladoshka", Belarus, Minsk (2nd place in the nomination "Best short film")
Yulia Saponova
Yulia Saponova was born on 31.01.1969 in Moscow. Graduated from St.Petersburg State University. A professional photographer. In 2013 graduated from the Studio of Individual Directing (MIR). In 2014 graduated from the Moscow Film School as an editor. In 2016 graduated from the Moscow Film School as a film director. Among the director's works - commercials and music videos.

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