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Creative meeting
March 15, 18:00 (cinema hall «Polyarniy» 15, Otke str.) -
creative meeting of Gojko Mitic (12+)
Gojko Mitic
Gojko Mitic is a German and Serbian film and theater actor, Director, screenwriter, and stuntman. In 1960 debuted in cinema as a stuntman. The film «Chingachgook, die grobe Schlange» (1967), where he played the leading role, brought him his acting fame and universal recognition. Worked in Germany as a theatre actor and director. In the 1970s, returned to work on films and television. Gojko created a new genre of films, «Ostern». In 1993, in the town of Bischofswerda in Germany, a children's theatre was founded in honour of Gojko Mitic, in which Gojko annually holds the theatre «Games of Karl May» for children. In 2019 he received the Foundation Award DEFA (Germany) for his contribution to cinematography, as well as an award from the international film forum «Zolotoy Vityaz» for the best supporting role, performed in the film «The Balkan Line» (dir. A.Volgin). Gojko actively supports the movement for the protection of the climate, helps youth ecological movements.