In Chukotka, the first Russian arctic film society, Golden Raven, has been founded
On November 17, 2019 in Anadyr, capital of Russia's Chukotka region, the first Russian Arctic film society, Golden Raven, will be launched. Chukotka's governor Roman Kopin will be present at the opening event.

The Golden Raven Film Society is being founded under the aegis of the Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival based at the the Heritage of Chukotka Museum Center. Though the film club, participants will be able to learn about the most interesting and colourful films made in the Arctic, both documentaries and features. In addition, the film society will offer a discussion and educational space aimed at developing the audience and filmmaking community.

The film society will kick off with the Finnish film Pohjankävijäin merkintöjä by director Kira Jääskeläinen, which triumphed at the 3rd Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival where it received the Grand Prix, the main prize based on the voting of viewers.

About the film:
In 1917, the Finnish explorer Sakari Pälsi went to north-eastern Siberia, to Chukotka, taking with him a movie camera and 13,000 feet of film. During this expedition, a unique travel documentary was made. A century later, director Kira Jääskeläinen visits Chukotka to walk in Pälsi's footsteps. By combining footage old and new, Pälsi's notes, and the stories of the indigenous people of the region, the film depicts the history of the Chukchi and Eskimos over the last one hundred years.

Read more about Pohjankävijäin merkintöjä at:

Filipp Abryutin, director: "The Golden Raven Film Society is the logical next step for film in Chukotka. Keep in mind that we started out in the Year of Russian Cinema with the small screening series «FilmRising!». After we got a strong response from the audience, we decided to create a full-fledged film festival, Golden Raven, with an international lineup of films dedicated to life in the Arctic region. Today, we not only run the filmmaking laboratory Chukotka, I Love You under the aegis of the festival, but we are also launching a film society. That is the kind of demand that film enjoys in Chukotka."

Oksana Lakhno, producer: "I think that the Golden Raven Film Society will interest all kinds of people: ordinary filmgoers, filmmakers, audiences young and old. We will take great care in coming up with a program of screenings so that film-society members can get acquainted with the most interesting films that you will not see anywhere else in Russia."

The Golden Raven Film Society is supported by the Department for Development of Creative Projects at the Russian Union of Cinematographers, the Chukotka Regional Committee for Culture, Sport and Tourism, the Heritage of Chukotka Museum Center, «Okrkinohvideoprokat», the Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival, and the Youth Initiatives Production Center.

Date for the Golden Raven Film Society launch event: November 17, 2019.
Time: 12:00
Location: Heritage of Chukotka Museum Center
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Contact information:
Tel. (Moscow): +7(499) 250-89-55