Golden Coast of the Arctic
Золотой берег Арктики
Year of production: 2024
Production country: Russia
Production company: TV BRICS
Director: Andrey Porschnyak
Producer: Ksenia Komissarova
Screenwriter: Ksenia Komissarova
D.O.P.: Dmitry Golovko
Editor: Konstantin Vereschagin
Sound Director: Maxim Daschenko, Nikolay Ivanov
Film category: Documentary
Rating: 16+
Length: 24 min.
The very north. A city embraced by ice and endless tundra. Where it often snows even in summer, and the swift wind (it's called yuzhak) seems to penetrate to the depths of your soul. Pevek, nestled in a convenient bay, is both a settlement and a seaport. And also the hero of the novel "Territory" by the writer and mining geophysicist Oleg Kuvaev.
Two hundred kilometers from Pevek is Mayskoye, which is one of the five largest gold deposits in Russia. The explored reserves here will definitely last until 2032.
As many years ago, people from the mainland are helping to explore the permafrost territory. They come to the Golden Coast of the Arctic to find solutions to non-trivial problems in harsh climatic and geological conditions - to achieve what is difficult for an ordinary person to imagine even in theory.
TV BRICS presents: a special project about the mysterious and mystical Chukotka. And new technologies that make hard work in the Far North easier and safer
Andrey Porshnyak
Andrey Alexandrovich Porshnyak was born in 1982 in the city of Omsk. Graduated from Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Faculty of Culture and Arts. Professional production director with extensive experience in television.

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