"Golden raven" summarizes the business program and announces the dates of the next festival
Organizers of the Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" summarize the business program and announce the dates of the next, eighth in a row, festival, which by tradition will be held in the city of Anadyr from 15 to 28 April 2024.

"Our film festival combines several tracks. In summer we will hold a film lab, where we will continue the tradition started at the recently held "Golden Raven" of communication between famous filmmakers and schoolchildren. But we will not stop here. "Golden Raven" - it's not just competitive shows, but also the business program, to which we see tremendous interest: our round tables have watched more than 800 thousand users Vkontakte, indicating a great demand for this format, "- said the chief producer of the show Oksana Lahno.
22 May 2023
Current business track "Golden Raven" was dedicated to the topical issue of international cooperation in film production and promotion of films. It was attended by representatives from Russia, China, Iran and Kazakhstan.

"One of the difficulties of film projects created in co-production is the doubling of bureaucratic work, so many Chinese producers prefer to look for performers rather than partners. Although, in my opinion, the main purpose of joint projects is to support talented authors from both sides, which is exactly what happens in the case of, for example, European co-production projects. But I think now is the time for our countries to cooperate. For 20 years, both Russia and China learned from Hollywood, which they tried to emulate, but now both China and Russia want to see their own stories that can break stereotypes and help viewers in our countries learn about each other and create a strong foundation for cooperation," said producer, screenwriter and distributor Guo Xuyian.

His colleague Li Yuan, deputy general secretary of the Chinese Children's Film Association, programmer of the China International Children's Film Festival and co-producer, also hopes that the connection between Russia and China will strengthen: "We would like to offer more films for the Golden Raven Film Festival and are also open to films from Russia to show them in China. I've worked quite a lot with co-productions and I'm convinced that we need to attract real talent into this field. So I hope we can continue our cooperation in this direction."

Iran is also looking forward to strengthening ties with Russia through film. "Iran is a rich culture and we have a lot of interesting venues where we can shoot a variety of films. In addition, we have a lot of professionals," says director, screenwriter, producer Behrouz Shoaibi. - Of course, various difficulties may hinder close cooperation, but we are real fans of filmmaking and we do everything to support the production. The most important thing is to understand that we are not as distant from each other as we may seem. I myself feel close to the culture of Russia, Kazakhstan, and China, and I would like to preserve the common things we have in the format of cinema.

In turn, Kanat Torebay, an honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, executive director of the Union of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan, a member of the global network for the promotion of Asian cinema (SPAC), film producer, said that since 2019, Kazakhstan has a system of rebates, when all foreign film crews are compensated up to 30% of the money spent in the country: "This is one of the highest percentages of refunds for film production. Considering that the second language in Kazakhstan is Russian - in the area of relationships and mental subtleties - there are no problems. We are open to the world and we work and do projects with everyone quite intensively. So, come to Kazakhstan and make movies."

Director, screenwriter, producer, artistic director of film company "Sakhafilm", Honored Artist of Russia, a board member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, chairman of the jury of the competition of feature-length features and non-fiction films of the 7th AIFF "Golden Raven" Alexei Romanov said that in Yakutia, many years, "emphasize the work on co-production". And foreign filmmakers come there, and natives of the region participate in major international screenings. "In recent years, Yakut cinema has entered the big world stage thanks to the participation of our filmmakers in festivals. Festivals are a very good platform to find contacts and possible areas of cooperation. Maybe in the future we should create an international creative laboratory on the platform of the Golden Raven. And in this way we can make the first steps for joint cooperation in the Arctic", - Romanov suggested.

The Russian Union of Filmmakers is already taking active steps to develop joint cooperation. "We interact with Asia, Latin America, Africa and our neighbors from the CIS countries - there is a huge work of the Union of Filmmakers to create joint projects, - says Alexander Solomonov, program director of AIFF "Golden Raven", coordinator of international projects of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, senior specialist of international department. - We are open for all countries, which share our views, ideology and common values. Last year we had only two expeditions, this year we are planning five, and in addition to Kazakhstan we have Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We want to help filmmakers from different countries to exchange experiences, and most importantly, we initiate and conduct legal due diligence, because experience shows that very often filmmakers do not even know that they have the possibility of co-production and certain preferences on the territories of certain countries.

Mikhail Kalinin, the organizational secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, director of the Russian programs of the Moscow International Film Festival, a member of the Council of the Regional Film Support Fund, told about other programs implemented by the organization."Regional Film Support Fund, we hope, will be the very model of co-creation of film industries - not only at the regional level, but also at the international level. The second initiative of the Union of Cinematographers - the constructor of film projects, which is also a priority and will give first and foremost the opportunity to aspiring filmmakers to create favorable conditions in the film industry",- said Kalinin.

Director, scriptwriter, producer, director of the Central House of Cinematographers of Russia, a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, a member of the Screenwriters Guild, chairman of the jury of short fiction and non-fiction films of the 7th AIFFF "Golden Raven" Ekaterina Golovnya stressed the importance of all projects and international cooperation in the film industry: "I think it is incredibly important not only co-production, but the promotion of foreign films in Russia so that the Russian audience can understand that there is not only Hollywood films And that we work to popularize Russian cinema abroad.And there the audience should understand that Russia - it's not vodka, bears, snow, cold, but a huge cultural multinational and multi-confessional country.

Evgeny Tikhomirov, the acting head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, thanked the "Golden Raven" festival for "the development of Chukotka cinematography"."We have a large territory and there is a lot of work in the direction of cinematography. There are people who can become the basis of new films.I hear a lot of flattering feedback from the participants and guests of the festival and I know that there is a need for local people to hold such events as well", - said Tikhomirov.

Artistic Director of the AIFF "Golden Raven", film director, producer Philip Abryutin again thanked the guests, participants, spectators and partners of the show. "We are talking about international cultural cooperation, but it seems to me that it will make sense only if we preserve our national identity.Therefore, it is extremely important to produce films dedicated to the national republics and cultures of the peoples of Russia", Abryutin said. He also announced the agreement between the festival "Golden Raven" and the Association of Children's and Family Cinema of China, which will allow many pictures to get the opportunity to distribute in two countries, and make the festival "Arctic cinematic window" for international cooperation.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is held by the Production Center "Youth Initiatives", Center of Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Chukotka, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Chukotka, OAO Chukkinskiy Videoprokat, Union of Russian Film-makers, as well as the social investment program "Hometowns" and NO "MOST Foundation".

The events of the film festival are implemented within the framework of the National Project "Culture".

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