The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" will become a multimedia cultural forum
On November 11, as part of the International Exhibition and Forum «Russia», a presentation of the Arctic International Film Festival «Golden Raven» took place. «Golden Raven» is one of the largest international cultural events in the Far North and Arctic of Russia. In 2024, it is planned to hold at least 200 events in 22 regions, involving an audience of thousands. The festival's rich and diverse international agenda will focus on India.

«The Golden Raven Film Festival takes place in the most remote region of the country – Chukotka. Our shows and events attract a very large number of spectators, and sold-out shows are a unique event for Chukotka due to harsh weather conditions, which do not always allow the viewer to leave the house.

Over the course of 8 years, we have gone from a small festival of short films to a large international event that receives over 3.5 thousand applications for participation from all over the world. Every year representatives from different countries come to us. Last year there was a Chinese delegation, we cooperate with, and now the films of the festival will be shown in China. The festival has set a course to make Chukotka a center of cultural interaction in the Eurasian space»

As part of the presentation, the audience was shown film festival diaries, where viewers and participants shared their impressions of the festival and the screening program. The speaker of the presentation, program director of the Arctic International Film Festival «Golden Raven» Alexander Solomonov, spoke about the history of the festival, the new vector of film screening and international cooperation:

«This year the festival will move to a new format: it will expand and become a full-fledged multimedia cultural forum. We will have a large cultural ethnographic component - an igloo town built right on the estuary, a gastronomic zone and an ice screen.

«Golden Raven» is a cultural bridge between Chukotka and the rest of the world. It is important for us that Chukotka becomes a new cultural hub in the country, a new point of attraction. Every year we hold the «Echo of the Festival», which covers more than 40 regions of Russia. The geography of the festival is as wide as possible, and its international agenda will only become more saturated.

The 2024 film festival will focus on India. The starting point will be a cultural event - this is the centenary of the great Raj Kapoor, it will become one of the key points of the cultural program of the festival».

PhurpaTsering, Second Secretary of the Press and Information Department of the Indian Embassy, outlined cultural relations between Russia and India and emphasized interest in the Golden Raven Film Festival:

«There has always been a great cultural connection between Russia and India, and over the past few years it has become stronger, we support and strengthen it with cultural initiatives and events. We will be very happy to cooperate with the Golden Raven film festival in Chukotka. This is a region that needs to be looked at and we are very enthusiastic about it. »

During the 8th Film Festival, a special surprise awaits the children's audience, to whom «Golden Raven» pays special attention; this is a collaboration with the Soyuzmultfilm film studio. Editor of auteur films at the Soyuzmultfilm film studio Maria Kostyukevich spoke about plans for cooperation with the film festival, about the new animated series «Umka», which is associated with Chukotka and will be included in the concept of the festival program.

«At the film festival we will present our new project, this is an online project «warm animation», the name of which was given by the cartoon «Warm Star». In 2023, animated films from the Soyuzmultfilm studio have already been shown in the Golden Raven competition program. It is very valuable for us that the winners of the program are chosen by a children's jury and young viewers.

Next year, the Soyuzmultfilm studio will take part in the festival's Film Laboratory, where children will be able to become artists, screenwriters and directors at the same time. And maybe someone will make their first animated film. It is symbolic that our short films from the «warm animation» project will be shown at the Arctic Film Festival in Chukotka and will warm the audience». In 2024, the Film Festival will become a full-fledged multimedia forum, which, in addition to traditional film events, will include a whole range of ethnocultural activities. Spectators will be presented with films from all over the world, and guests of the film screening, in turn, will be able to join the traditions and culture of the peoples of the North.

The Arctic International Film Festival «Golden Raven» has been held annually since 2017 in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in the city of Anadyr and is a professional competition show for cinematographic works from all over the world. The concept of the Golden Raven Film Festival is based on searching and demonstrating the best modern films related to the Arctic, strengthening cooperation between Arctic countries, preserving and popularizing the culture of the peoples of the North, and supporting young talents.

The «Golden Raven» festival is held by the Center for Development and Support of Cultural Projects «Golden Raven», the Producing Center «Youth Initiatives», with the support of the Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, AI CAO Okrkinovideoprokat.
November 14, 2023