Karlson Returns
Карлсон вернулся
Year of production: 1970
Production country: USSR
Production company: Soyuzmultfilm
Director: Boris Stepantsev
Producer: Lyubov Butyrina
Screenwriter: Boris Larin, Astrid Lindgren
Composer: Gennady Gladkov
D.O.P.: Mikhail Druyan
Production designer: Yuri Butyrin, Anatoly Savchenko
Rating: 0+
Length: 20 min.
Film director Boris Stepantsev made a duology about the adventures of "the best in the world" Carlson and his friend Junior, which has not left the screens for more than thirty years, continuing to charm young viewers and their parents.
Boris Stepantsev
Boris Pavlovich Stepantsev is a Soviet animator, artist and illustrator of books and filmstrips. Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Artistic director of the Multitelefilm studio of the creative association Ekran. Vice President of ASIFA.

1976 — Fly-Clatterfly (also screenwriter)
1973 — The Nutcracker (also screenwriter)
1970 — Karlson Returns
1968 — Junior and Karlson
1965 — Vovka in Faraway Tsardom