Director Konstantin Bronzit and actress Ksenia Surkova met with schoolchildren as part of the Golden Raven Festival
As part of the VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven", which takes place in Anadyr and the Anadyr district until May 7, meetings were held with students from local schools, lyceum and college. This is a new initiative of the festival, which this year focused not only on screening films and animation from different parts of the world, but the guests of the film festival met with the audience where they are especially welcome.

"Social orientation is very important for our film festival, that's why this year we have added not only a large competitive block of cartoons, but also creative meetings of our guests with students from different educational institutions of Chukotka. The thing is that pupils, due to their employment, do not always have time to attend our screenings, although we often see young viewers at the evening screenings. So we decided to give them an opportunity during the educational process to get in touch with the masters who came to our festival. I think this experience is very important for the younger generation, for the young people who here in Chukotka have a keen interest in creativity and cinematography, but often have no opportunity to discuss films live, with professionals. "Golden Raven" flies towards its audience", - said the producer of "Golden Raven" Oksana Lakhno.
May 05, 2023
In the framework of the show creative meetings of students with the soloists of the musical group "Intonation" Denis Gladkiy and Alexander Novikov, actors Olga Khokhlova, Denis Buzin and Ksenia Surkova were held.

"It seems to me that it is important to convey to the younger generation the idea that creativity, regardless of the profession they choose, plays a very important role in life. It makes a person comprehensively developed and teaches to be ready for any stresses and risks - I made sure on my own experience that creativity allows to show oneself in any sphere. So does acting, which helps you to speak confidently and feel at home in public, which is important for people of all professions. In addition, creativity is always a reason to stay a little kid and truly experience fun and joy. We understand that the older we get, the more reasons to get gloomy, and creativity helps to let go unnecessary worries at least for a while and feel light. This is what I wanted to tell the students in our communication," said actress Ksenia Surkova.

In addition to actors, students of schools, colleges and lyceums in Chukotka met with cartoonist Konstantin Bronzit, winner of the President Prize for contribution to the development of animated film and two-time Oscar nominee, director of "Alyosha Popovich and the Tugarin Dragon" and "We cannot live without space", as well as the upcoming feature animated film "Luntik and the big journey". "Everything that we carry or bring to childhood from the field of aesthetics and art in general is extremely important, because, as Tatiana Chernigovskaya says, in my opinion, if a person lacks humanities knowledge, he becomes lopsided and develops the wrong way to think about life. Now I especially understand this thesis. We Soviet children were not taught to watch movies, especially cartoons. Ask adults what "Hedgehog in the Fog" is about, and not many of them will answer. You have to learn to watch movies, and especially cartoons, because they are abstract movies, and sometimes there's an image that comes out of "a hand, a foot, a person". So, I think this was important to convey to the participants in the creative meeting, among whom were kids of completely different ages. But I saw how vividly they reacted to my theses and this is very encouraging!" - noted Konstantin Bronzit.

The music group "Intonation" held full house concerts, giving the young audience the opportunity to become participants in the process and to express themselves, inspiring them to achieve their goals and belief in their own abilities.

Besides creative meetings for the participants, guests and jury members of the VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" a large cultural and educational program was organized, allowing to get acquainted with all the sights and history of the Chukchi region. For example, they travelled to the tundra on trekkols - the most gentle vehicles, which do not spoil the natural cover of these unique places, where they got acquainted with the unique natural resources of the Chukchi region.
The VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" opened in Anadyr on May 1. The opening film was the feature film "Water Boy" directed by Faizullo Faizov from Tajikistan. Together with it eight more works claim for the main prize. These are the Russian documentaries "Unfreezing Harbor of Hope" directed by Daria Khrenova about the tragedy of the Great Patriotic War in the Arctic, "Seven Days of Autumn" directed by Alexey Golovkov about the life of two people in a valley of the Verkhoyan mountains of Yakutia, " The Holy Archipelago" directed by Sergei Debizhev, about the history of the Solovetsky Islands, and an Argentinean non-fiction film "Those Who Don't Want to See" directed by Graciela Patricia De Luca about the lives of blind people. Among the feature films are the Chinese film "Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream" directed by Wang Chong, the Iranian drama "Asteroid" directed by Mehdi Hoseinivand, one of the first films made in the Altai language - "The Path" directed by Mikhail Kulunakov and the thriller "Fog" directed by Natalia Gugueva, shot at the working weather station on the shore of the Barents Sea.

The Iranian cinematographer Behrouz Shoaibi, producer Kanat Torebay, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Strategic Development of the State Center of National Film Support of Kazakhstan, festival producer from China Li Yuan, film critic Egor Moskvitin, chief editor of "Lenfilm" studio, teacher Andrey Apostolov will judge full-length films. The Jury will be chaired by Alexei Romanov, famous film director from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Artistic Director of the State National Film Company "Sakhafilm". The best short films will be selected by the Chinese producer Guo Xuyian, actress Ksenia Surkova, director and radio host Ivan Semikletov under the guidance of the director and producer of the Central House of Filmmakers of Russia, director and producer Ekaterina Golovnya.

The jury will make their choice in each competition program, but a distinctive feature of the Golden Raven is that the Grand Prix winner here is chosen by the audience.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is held by the Production Center "Youth Initiatives", Center of Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Chukotka, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Chukotka, Chukotka Autonomous Okkynovideoprokat, Union of Russian Filmmakers as well as the Social Investment Program "Hometowns" and the NGO "MOST Foundation".

The events of the film festival are implemented as part of the National Project "Culture".