Krapivin's caravel
Каравелла Крапивина
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: ANO «Digital Capital Development Centre»
Director: Dmitry Kolobov
Producer: Dmitry Kolobov, Elizaveta Teplyakova, Ekaterina Sycheva
Screenwriter: Dmitry Kolobov
Composer: Garegin Amirhanyan
D.O.P.: Garegin Amirhanyan
Editor: Yuriy Bybin, Dmitry Kolobov
Sound Director: Oleg Milyohin
Film category: Documentary
Rating: 12+
Length: 95 min.
A story about the life and work of children's writer Vladislav Krapivin, the creation of the "Caravelle" detachment, the phenomenon of Krapivin literature, the fight against the system and the love of poplars and the sea.
Selected festival history
  • Sochi Film Festival (Participant in the competition program)
  • International Film Festival "Winged Leopard" (Best Documentary Director)
  • International Film Festival "Literature and Cinema" (Participant in the competition program)
  • Zilant International Film Festival (Best Social Documentary)
Dmitry Kolobov
Dmitry Kolobov was born and raised in Tyumen. In 2019 he graduated from Tyumen State University with a degree in Journalism. Dmitry worked for a long time in sports journalism, where he independently studied editing. After graduating from university, he got a job at the Tyumen youth media Moi-portal.ru as an "Editing Director". Since 2021, Dmitry has been the head of the media. Over 5 years, the Dmitry team has released 12 documentaries and 1 documentary series.

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