Kuril Islands. On the southern shores
Курилы. На южных берегах
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: PREMIER
Director: Mikhail Moroz, Stanislav Krainik
Producer: Maxim Balakhovsky, Dmitry Litvinov
D.O.P.: Dmitry Plotnik
Film category: Documentary, travelling
Rating: 12+
Length: 51 min.
This film is part of the documentary series "Kamchatka: Extraordinary Stories at the Edge of the Earth." Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands are places at the edge of the world, where the first rays of the sun are greeted, where there are countless volcanoes and the boundless ocean. Explorers, seekers, and pioneers have always been drawn here. Nikita Martyanov is the most acclaimed wakeboarder in Russia. He returns to the Kuril Islands to become the first wakeboarder to take on these extreme conditions. Wakeboarding in this place is almost impossible, but the athlete is determined to fulfill his dream and showcase the beauty of the most unreachable and stunning shores of our Motherland.