Year of production: 2024
Production country: Russia
Production company: «Tundra» animation studio
Director: Alexander Moruo, Markel Martynov
Producer: Anna Borisova, Roman Okoneshnikov
Screenwriter: Tatiana Ushnitskaya, Nikolai Syromiatnikov
Composer: Aina Dabdasova, Mark Iakovlev, Aleksei Dabdasov, Anna Zakharova
Editor: Lena Azmi
Production Designer: Alexander Moruo
Costume designer: Margarita Kazhenkina, Alexander Moruo, Kira Shakhoval, Sofron Varlamov
Sound Director: Ivan Burnashev, Sergei Ivanov, Andrei Fedorov, Sergei Iarmonov
Cast: Ayillaana Petrova, Aytal Fedotov
Film category: Animation, Family, Kids, Short
Rating: 0+
Length: 10 min.
In the snowy heart of Yakutia little girl Nyukku embarks on her first Munkha, Sakha traditional fishing. Filled with excitement and armed with her "magical" mittens, she dreams of catching a big pile of fish. However, her brother Michil is quite skeptical about the "magic" of her mittens and teasingly predicts that she will lose them. Nyukku's enthusiasm is undiminished, so she challenges Michil to a bet.
Unfortunately, her adventure leads to an unexpected chaos and failure, and Nyukku loses the bet. Through this experience and guided by their father's wisdom, Nyukku and Michil learn a valuable lesson: the true magic lies in the strength of family bonds and mutual support. As a result, the children save the catch, and miraculously, Nyukku gets her lost mitten back.
Selected festival history
  • Golden Raven Film Festival (official selection)
Alexander Moruo
Alexander Moruo is an indigenous film director based in Auckland, New Zealand. His debut 3D animated short film, "The Bull of Cold," earned the Best Production award at the ImagineNative Film Festival. Alexander is committed to sharing indigenous stories with a broader audience.

2023 - The Bull of Cold
Markel Martynov
Professional animator with many years of experience in creating animation for film, television and game industry. Among his significant works are the feature-length animated film "Koschey. The Beginning" as an animator and the animated series "Fairy Patrol" as an animation supervisor. The cartoon "Munha" is his directorial debut in animation.