Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Askarfilm, Anastasia Askarova
Director: Dilara Galeeva
Producer: Anastasia Askarova
Screenwriter: Dilara Galeeva, Damir Yusupov
Composer: Kamil Abdullin
D.O.P.: Vildan Askarov
Editor: Dilara Galeeva
Production designer: Aliya Bayramgulova
Costume designer: Aliya Bayramgulova
Make up artist: Laysan Galeeva
Sound Director: Igor Firstov
Cast: Milena Galiakbarova, Ainur Sitdikov, Ziliya Sitdikova, Aibulat Sitdikov, Ainaza Sitdikova, Elizaveta Sakaeva, Artur Kunakbaev, Akhat Khusainov, Ilsiyar Gazetdinova, Melsik Petrosyan, Igor Firstov
Film category: Сomedy
Rating: 16+
Length: 14 min.
On the eve of 2000, Santa Claus comes to visit 9-year-old Karina, her brother and sister. He gives gifts to children, and presents adults with an amazing fruit - pineapple! The whole family is actively celebrating the New Year, but they can't cut the pineapple... As the chimes strike, Karina makes a wish - to try pineapple. In the morning, the children discover that they have eaten the pineapple! Karina runs out of the house, cries and accuses Santa Claus of not fulfilling her wish. But sometimes miracles happen!
Selected festival history
  • International Film Festival "East & West. Classics and avant-garde" (participant in the non-competitive program)
  • International Festival "Short Film Days" (Special Jury Prize "For Belief in Miracles and Magic")
  • International short film festival "Movie Mouse" (SHORT LIST in the category "Best short film for children and teenagers")
Dilara Galeeva
Dilara Galeeva was born in Ufa. She is a mathematician by education. She teaches at the university, is engaged in science. In 2018, she completed a short film scriptwriting course. In 2022, she won the pitching "Young Cinema of Bashkortostan", the script was developed and the short film "Pineapple" was filmed with the grant.

2023 – Pineapple