The 3rd Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival
From May 20–26, 2019 in Anadyr, the capital of Russia's Chukotka region, the Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival will be held for the third time.
The Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival, one of the major cultural events of the Russian Far North, will start on May 20 and run for 7 days. This week, Anadyr, the capital of Russia's Chukotka region, will become the center of the Arctic motion picture art. The festival will host professionals from North America, Scandinavia and the northern regions of Russia.
The official trailer of the Third Golden Raven International Arctic Film Festival:
The festival's organizers are the Russian Union of Cinematographers, the Youth Initiatives Production Center, the Committee for Culture, Sport and Tourism of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug autonomous institution for film distribution and cinema entertainment Okrkinovideoprokat.
The jury chairman for the international, feature-length, live-action film competition will be Russian Film Market head Yekaterina Bordachova. The jury will include the Norwegian director and screenwriter Knut Erik Jensen, Russian film critic Sergei Anashkin, and Heritage of Chukotka Museum director Olga Rastorguyeva.
The jury for full-length documentary films will be chaired by director, screenwriter, and producer Alexei Vakhrushev. Among the jury members for the documentary program will be Norwegian director and producer Hilde Korsaeth, president of the Northern Character Film Festival Svetlana Soldatova, as well as Okrkinovideoprokat CEO Irina Apletina.
The film festival will open with The Sun Above Me Never Sets, a prizewinner of the Audience Award of the 41st Moscow International Film Festival, shot in Yakutia. Last Trial, an all-Russian premiere supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation will close the Golden Raven. It is a dramatic story of the hostage crisis at the Mir Theater.
Aleksey Petrukhin, scriptwriter and producer of Russian Film Group Corporation and director of Last Trial, said, "We chose The Golden Raven as a venue for unveiling our film because my team has a rule or even a priority. We always encourage and support new initiatives of young artists, organizations and festivals focused on developing the Russian film industry today and tomorrow. Moreover, Chukotka is the real uttermost point of the earth and Russia, an area of permafrost where we want our film to begin its tour.
We have toured almost all of Russia with workshops, educational programs and meet-the-artist sessions, but we have never visited Chukotka. However, we have ideas, insights, and experience that we can share with the young generation of the film community of this region. In doing so, we may prevent them from making some mistakes and derive inspiration for our future work, since every workshop or meeting with viewers and colleagues educates and inspires both the audience and the speaker sharing his or her knowledge and experience. And I do hope to see this happen!
Last Trial, as well as my previous film The Teacher, is a tribute to all teachers, students, parents, and, above all, relations between people which are of utmost importance."

Contact information for the festival's organizers:
Phone (Moscow): +7(499)251-85-11