international, feature-length, live-action film competition
Blue frontier\ Frontera azul
Director: Jorge Carmona, Tito Köster
Peru, 2018
85 min

Atka, a hunter who lives isolated from the world on the Arctic plain, struggles to keep Aga, his lifelong partner and terminal patient alive. According to an old Inuit legend, when people die one part of their souls returns to life in a newborn relative. Aga has no children of her own, nor relatives living nearby. Plunged into deep despair she makes a mystic journey, travelling through different people who are also closely related to the sea.
The Sun Above me Never Sets\ Min urduber kyun khahan da kiirbet
Director: Lyubov Borisova
Russia, Sakha Republic, 2018
108 min

After an argument with his father, Altan heads off to work in the Russian Arctic, where he expects to spend a whole month in solitude. Soon Altan discovers that he has a neighbor, the old man Baybal who has come here to spend his last days. Baybal asks Altan to bury him in a grave alongside his wife's. Altan discovers that the old man had a daughter who disappeared without a trace. He then convinces Baybal to create an engaging video blog in order to find his daughter and, at the same time, to ward the old man's death away. Every day Altan does all he can to make the old man want to live one more beautiful day…
Tia and Piujuq\ ᑏᐊ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐱᐅᔪᖅ
Director: Lucy Tulugarjuk
Canada, 2018
79 min

Tia, a 10 year-old Syrian refugee living in Montreal, finds a magic portal and travels to the Arctic where she befriends an Inuk girl with who she immerses herself in a world of Inuit myth and magic.
Khon Yush. The way from the Ob \Хон Юш. Путь от Оби
Director: Zinaida Longortova
Russia, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 2019
97 min

This film is about the contribution of the indigenous people of Yamal to the victory in the Great Patriotic War, about the trials that they went through along with the whole country. The action takes place during the war years in the Shuryshkarsky region, Yamalo–Nenets Autonomous District and is based on real events. The Khartaganovs' family in the 30s-40s of the last century raised up seven children of different ages and nationalities who were left without parents. It is not only the the theme of deprivation and war is passed through the film but the theme of social orphanhood during the years of repression.
Beyond the Summit\ Cо дна вершины
Director: Yana Polyarush, Tamara Tsotsoriya, Konstantin Kutuyev
Russia, 2017
111 min

Alexei Tsaryov is a seventeen-year-old high school student and a promising champion in junior downhill skiing. Alexei has a girlfriend named Lina as well as a good friend Konstantin, his rival in sports and in love. Alexei always comes in first in everything. He is confident in himself, he does not like to lose and indeed it seems like he cannot lose. But everything can change in an instant.
international, feature-length documentary competition
How Big is the Galaxy?\ Хозяин оленей
Director: Ksenia Elyan
Russia, Estonia, 2018
72 min

The Zharkov family – mother, father and two sons – represent one of the last remaining indigenous peoples of the Arctic, the Dolgans, and they continue to live a nomadic way of life in the extreme north of Siberia. Seven-year-old Zakhar and his older brother Prokopy already have their own reindeer and their own herding grounds. Zakhar is an inquisitive and intelligent boy. Every day he comes up with hundreds of new questions about the world, and he is surprised to find that his new teacher does not always have answers to them.
The raven and the seagull\ Lykkelænder
Director: Lasse Lau
Denmark, Greenland, 2018
71 min

The relationship between Greenland and Denmark is full of fantasy and myths. And these are exactly what Danish artist Lasse Lau reflects upon – and in turn documents – in his first feature-length film. But how do you give a form to the Greenlandic experience when you are an outsider yourself? Lau has created a sensitive film about authenticity and recreation by letting both elements become a part of the work, together with his performers. But also by watching and listening intently. The colonial history is entrenched in both Greenland's infinitely beautiful landscapes and in the collective consciousness. But so is the willingness to break with it and look ahead with a new political self-awareness. 'The Raven and The Seagull' is the result of a long-term research project, but talks about its extremely complex topics in a way that grounds the post-colonial perspective in a recognisable life experience. It does so with both a sense of humour and with emphasis.
Northern travelogues \Pohjankävijäin merkintöjä
Director: Kira Jaaskelainen
Finland, 2019
58 min

In 1917 Finnish explorer Sakari Pälsi travelled to north-eastern Siberia carrying a cinematograph and 13,000 feet of film with him. The journey birthed a unique documentary film and a travelogue. A hundred years later director Kira Jääskeläinen returns to the Bering strait in Pälsi's footsteps. By combining old and new film footage, Pälsi's notes and the stories of the local Indigenous peoples, the film tells the story of the Chukchi and Siberian Eskimos from the days gone by till today.
Birth of a Family
Director: Tasha Hubbard
Canada, 2017
79 min

Over several decades, at least 20,000 Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their homes in Canada and adopted out to non-Indigenous families. Now, four siblings come together for the first time to build the family ties they were once denied.
67 49 32 North
Director: Ece Soydam, Mathieu Dumond
Turkey, 2018
55 min

Mathieu is a wildlife biologist and filmmaker who lives in the arctic region of Canada. Born and raised in France, he now feels at home in this cold environment, together with his Inuit wife and lovely son. Mathieu's quest to film wildlife is even more crucial than ever, as the world he loves dearly has already started to change because of climate change.
international competition for live-action shorts
The Land over there\ Drübenland\
Director: Arne Kolhweyer
Germany, 2019
16 min
On the Road\ Случай на дороге
Director: Evelina Barsegyan
Russia, 2018
8 min
Fire \Огонь
Director: Maria Shulgina
Russia, 2018
13 min
Bifurcation point\Точка бифуркации\
Director: Leonid Gardash
Russia, 2018
23 min
Parade of Planets\ Парад планет
Director: Vera Smolina
Russia, 2018
27 min
Director: Amerissa Basta
Greece, 2018
13 min
Window\ Окно
Director: Natalia Kalyonova
Russia, 2018
14 min
international competition for documentary shorts
Terra \Земля
Director: Julia Kushnarenko
Russia, 2018
29 min
Wandering in the white \Vaeltajat
Director: Otto Heikola
Finland, 2019
28 min
The fight for the Arctic
Directors: Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta Germany, 2018
26 min
One of us \Один из нас
Director: Edward Bulgar
Russia, 2018
14 min
Crow's people \ Вороний народ
Director: Svetlana Bychenko
Russia, 2018
35 min
the "Kinovzlyot!" regional competition for live-action, documentary, and animated shorts made in Chukotka
Revival\ Возрождение
Director: Vyacheslav Velvun
Russia, Chukotka, 2018
4 min
Spring in the Tundra\ Весна в Тундре
Director: Lydia Bolina
Russia, Chukotka, 2018
2 min
Captain Sotnikov. Storm\Капитан Сотников. Шторм
Director: Alexander Kutsky
Russia, Chukotka, 2019
8 min
Bear patrol. Operation Den\ Медвежий патруль. Операция Берлога
Director: Vladimir Sertun, Sergey Kavry, Anastasia Videneeva
Russia, Chukotka, 2019
6 min
Amulet Kele\ Амулет Келе
Director: Nikita Bereznyakov
Russia, Chukotka, 2019
9 min
Homework\ Домашка
Director: Igor Badanov
Russia, Chukotka, 2019
5 min
Selection\ Выбор
Director: Ivan Semikletov
Russia, Chukotka, 2019
7 min
Ergyron 50 years on stage\ Эргырон. 50 лет на сцене
Director: Dmitry Stepchenko
Russia, Chukotka, 2018
14 min