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Айыы Куо
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Ayaal Adamov
Director: Ayaal Adamov
Producer: Semen Kychkin
Screenwriter: Irina Bogatyreva
D.O.P.: Semen Amanatov
Editor: Ayaal Adamov
Production Designer: Tatyana Konnikova
Sound Director: Innokenti Sivcev
Cast: Lena Markova, Anastasia Alekseeva, Alena Ptysina, Djulustaan Semenov
Film category: Tragedy
Rating: 16+
Length: 22 min.
The Yakut epic about two sisters. The younger sister is studying in the city of St. Petersburg and at this time learns that her older sister has died. She returns home to a remote Yakut village. After the funeral, she goes home, but suddenly her older sister comes in at night.
Selected festival history
  • Māoriland Film Festival
  • Tromsø International Film Festival
  • ImagineNATIVE Film
  • Montreal Festival of New Cinema
  • Vienna Shorts
  • Busan International Short Film Festival
Ayaal Adamov
Ayaal Adamov grew up in the far north in Oymyakon, the Republic of Sakha Yakutia — this area has the name "Pole of Cold" as the coldest place in the world. Graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of Cinema and Television, workshop of Alexander Sokurov. He has made several short films, which became participants of different film festivals.

2023 - Aykuo, short
2022 - The Land of Whispering Stars, short
Back Home
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: the Youth Center of Cinematographers of Altai
Director: Dmitriy Sharabarin
Producer: Dmitriy Sharabarin
Screenwriter: Dmitriy Sharabarin, Lyubov Yunosheva
D.O.P.: Stepan Demidov
Cast: Elena Brinzeva, Arzhan Tovarov, Nogon Shumarov
Film category: Road-movie, drama
Rating: 12+
Length: 32 min.
Arzhan and his daughter Altynai might never have seen each other again, but an unexpected message forces them to unite and hit the road by car. Due to an oversight by doctors, their dear Grandfather walked out of the hospital. The old man goes home to the mountains, unaware that his son has already received a deposit for grandfa's house from the buyer.
Dmitriy Sharabarin
Dmitriy Sharabarin was born in 1975. From 2001 to 2016 - he was a director of documentary projects on Altai TV, a winner of Russian and international film festivals. Since 2017, he has been the head of the Youth Center of Cinematographers of Altai.

2016 - Paris-Cannes-Orleans
2009 - Altai treasured
2007 - Time of Power
2006 - Himalayan Diary
2003 - Two lives of engineer Polzunov
Far away
Куда подальше
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Borodina Kristina Ramytisovna
Director: Kristina Borodina
Producer: Kristina Borodina, Svetlana Osminina
Screenwriter: Kristina Borodina
D.O.P.: Denis Ponomarev, Sergei Pashkov
Cast: Vladislav Cherbaev, Angelina Karpovich
Film category: Comedy
Rating: 12+
Length: 26 min.
A producer sends a Moscow blogger to the Kola Peninsula to teach him a lesson. He is met by a young Sami girl guide. During the hike, the girl falls in love with a handsome Moscow man. But the blogger warms up to the girl at the end of his journey. The main character is faced with a choice: either to return to the capital to normal life or to move north to the girl who won his heart.
Selected festival history
  • Northern character (Out-of-competition)
Kristina Borodina
She graduated from the Murmansk Children's Theater School in the Basics of Acting and Directing department.
She repeatedly took part in various New Year's productions and performances; her graduation work was a play based on the Spanish fairy tale "Before the Rose Withers." In 2022 she returned to creative activity. She was a participant in the Pechengafilm film laboratory in the village of Nikel in 2022. Advanced training "Introduction to film professions" 2023, FSBEOUVO SPGIKIT, Retraining at FSBEOUVO SPGIKIT in "cinema and television" 2023.

2023 - Far away
Мастер (Тэминн'ычьын)
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Bereznyakov Nikita
Director: Bereznyakov Nikita
Producer: Tsvigun V.P.
Screenwriter: Bereznyakov Nikita
Composer: Omrytagina Lilia
D.O.P.: Bereznyakov Nikita
Editor: Bereznyakov Nikita
Production Designer: Tynarali Egor
Costume Designer: Bereznyakov Nikita
Make up Artist: Bereznyakov Nikita
Sound Director: Alexander Shavrin, Ruslan Manakhov
Cast: Artists of the ensemble "Ergyron"
Film category: Mystic
Rating: 16+
Length: 6 min.
In the vast expanses of the endless tundra, life went on as usual - girls sewed warm clothes, men prepared for hunting, until one of the girls went for firewood. Far from home, she was kidnapped by the evil spirits of the lower worlds. Her lifeless body was discovered by her lover. To bring the girl back to life, the shaman called for the spirits of the warriors and fought with the bloodthirsty Kele. Having defeated them, he breathed life into the lifeless body, and the woman returned to the world of the living. On this occasion, all residents organized a real celebration with songs and dances. The only one missing from the festival was the shaman.
Nikita Bereznyakov
He grew up in Chukotka in the city of Anadyr. He graduated from school and entered the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations of Economics and Law in St. Petersburg. Received a diploma of higher education. In 2017, he got a job as a correspondent and presenter at VGTRK GTRK - Chukotka. After 3 years of work, he registered as an individual entrepreneur and began working for himself creating video content. Currently studying directing at the Industry Film School and the Moscow Film School.

2023 - Teminn'ychyn (Master)
From Above
С высоты
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Prim film production
Director: Evgenii Bondar
Producer: Evgenii Bondar, Konstantin Spichkin
Screenwriter: Evgenii Bondar
D.O.P.: Sergei Nehaev
Editor: Sergei Nehaev
Production Designer: Evgenii Bondar
Costume Designer: Evgenii Bondar
Cast: Evgeny Bondar, Konstantin Spichkin, Vladimir Ponasyuk. Sofia Lebedeva, Irina Mazhitova, Daria Sorokina
Film category: Mystery
Rating: 16+
Length: 8 min.
An Angel argues with a Demon for the soul of an ordinary street thief
Evgenii Bondar
Evgeniy's path in creativity began with theater projects. Having written the script for the short film "Choice" for the ANO Media House team, Evgeniy tried himself as a film actor. His first directorial experience was the short film "From above," where Evgeniy also appears in the frame. Currently he's working on the short film "Friend" as a screenwriter, actor and line producer.
Almost a Shaman
Хам Арах
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Merzlikin Film Studio
Director: Mikhail Merzlikin
Producer: Vladislav Kafeev, Denis Lafanov
Screenwriter: Anna Gurina
Composer: Aleksei Kicheev
D.O.P.: Seif Gaalul
Editor: Georgii Borchikov
Production Designer: Irik Agliullin
Costume Designer: Maria Chaptykova, Marina Safronova
Make up Artist: Marina Safronova
Sound Director: Aleksei Kicheev, Evald Yungblud
Cast: Viktor Sagalakov – Animator, Amadu Mamadakov – Adam-Khan
Film category: Psychological thriller
Rating: 18+
Length: 18 min.
The tragedy of a young Khakass man who is faced with a choice: to become the one who is destined to be a healer–shaman, or to prefer a life free from obligations. While working as an animator, he encountered unexplained phenomena. Having passed the first stage of initiation into shamans and disappointed, the man comes to an interview with a psychologist.
Selected festival history
  • Amur Fest
  • Molodoy Kinovek
  • OKNO
  • Rodnye tropy
  • Moscow Premierę
Mikhail Merzlikin
In 2013 he graduated from Khakass State University with a degree in History. For several years he worked at the school as a teacher of history and social studies. 2015-2020 – RTS TV channel, author and host of the program "Mysterious Khakassia". In 2016, he made his first documentary film, in 2019 – the debut feature film from the first person "Harakh Ody", which was the winner of Russian and foreign festivals. In 2021, as an executive producer, he took part in the shooting of the feature film Checago.

2023 - Shalabolinskaya pisanitsa
2019 - Kharakh Ody
Chukotka is my home
Чукотка мой дом
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Bogush Anatoly
Director: Bogush Anatoly
Producer: Bogush Anatoly
Screenwriter: Bogush Anatoly
Composer: Bogush Anatoly, lyrics by Gonieva Natalya
D.O.P.: Ruvanto Omryn
Editor: Ruvanto Omryn
Production Designer: Manakhov Ruslan
Costume Designer: Manakhov Ruslan
Make up Artist: Manakhov Ruslan
Sound Director: Bogush Anatoly
Cast: Bogush Anatoly, Astrov Roman, Rakhtuvier Vitaly, Chayvyn Vadim
Film category: Music video
Rating: 0+
Length: 4 min.
Destiny of two people living in Chukotka and madly loving their native land.
Anatoly Bogush
Born and raised in Russia, in the city of Pevek, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. By training, he is a multi-instrumentalist musician, sound engineer, and arranger. The author is the performer. Works at the State Budgetary Institution of Private Joint-Stock Company "CHEA"Ergyron" as a sound engineer.

2024 – This northern city of Anadyr
2023 – Pevek
2016 – Insomnia
2015 – Music of life