The amphibian man
Year of production: 1961
Production country: USSR
Production company: Lenfilm Studios
Director: Gennady Kazansky, Vladimir Chebotaryov
Screenwriter: Akiba Golburt, Alexander Ksenofontov, Alexei Kapler
Composer: Andrei Petrov
D.O.P.: Eduard Rozovsky
Production designer: Vsevolod Ulitko, Tamara Vasilkovskaya
Sound Director: Lev Valter
Cast: Vladimir Korenev, Anastasiya Vertinskaya, Mikhail Kozakov, Nikolai Simonov, Vladlen Davydov
Film category: Science fiction
Rating: 0+
Length: 95 min.
Based on the adventure fiction novel "The Amphibian Man" by Alexander Belyaev
A small seacoast town is full of rumors about a 'sea devil.' A wealthy merchant, Zurita, who trades in pearls, does not believe in it until he runs into the 'devil' under dramatic circumstances. After that he is eager to get this 'devil' and use him for his own purposes. The 'devil' is an ordinary, or, to be precise, extraordinary young man. When he was a small child a doctor saved his life by transplanting shark's gills into the boy's body. As a result, the boy, Ichtiander, can live both on land and in water. Ichtiander falls in love with Guttiere, the girl Zurita is going to marry, and becomes Zurita's sworn enemy and prisoner…
Gennady Kazansky