The Comeback
Возвращение (Tөннyy)
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Kinologistika
Director: Anatoly Sergeev
Producer: Anatoly Sergeev, Dmitry Davydov
Screenwriter: Anatoly Sergeev
Composer: Vadim Zeninskiy
D.O.P.: Danila Stepanov
Editor: Anna Glotikova
Production Designer: Grigory Kokarev
Sound Director: Vadim Zeninskiy
Cast: Evgeniy Nikolaev, Stepan Nesterov, Klavdia Novikova, Erhan Slepsov, Aiyaal Nikolaev
Film category: Mystery
Rating: 12+
Length: 17 min.
Many years have passed since Andrey last visited his birthplace. He finally gets the chance to see his grandparents in a remote village. Halfway there, his car breaks down by a ravine in a deep forest. With no one to come to his aid, Andrey sets off on a foot journey through places that look strange and unfamiliar.
Anatoly Sergeev
Anatoly Sergeev was born in 1979 in Yakutia. Studied at Yakut State University. Worked as a director, and TV presenter. Worked as Program Manager in cinema and PR Director at the Almazfilm. Stood at the origins of the Yakut movie era. Recipient of the Yakut Cinema Distinction award. In 2005 directed the first Yakut horror movie in Russian. After moving to Moscow, worked at Nashe Kino and Volga distribution companies. Author of the book "I Didn't Steal Your Sea". In 2014 founded "Kinologistika" distribution company.

2023 - Tөннyy / The Comeback