The pearl. Let's make peace
Жемчужина. Давайте жить дружно
Year of production: 2022
Production country: Iran
Production company: Soureh cinema
Director: Abdollah Alimorad
Screenwriter: Abdollah Alimorad
Film category: Animation
Rating: 6+
Length: 6 min.
Afandi and Pashandi are two neighbors that just can't stand each other. When they're not trying to sabotage each other's plans, they're usually plotting to get revenge. But when push comes to shove, they cast aside their differences and join forces to vanquish the dragon, fend off the wolves, and save the princess—you know, the usual
Abdollah Alimorad
Abdollah Alimorad, born in 1947, Tehran, a graduate of Animated Painting from the Center for Experiences and Animated Painting Training Center for Children and Adolescents. He began his career after spending a short period of puppetry in Czechia. He has also worked as a costume designer and set designer on several television series and some television programs. Alimorad has received awards such as Palme d'Or of short film at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Camera at the Carrousel International Festival, the Silver Elephant at the Hyderabad Film Festival in India, the letter of commendation of UNICEF juries in Berlin Film Festival and the bronze plaque at the Cairo Children's Film Festival. In addition, Alimurad has received awards from many domestic festivals such as Fajr, Isfahan and Roshd.