The Sacred Melodies of the Copts
Священные мелодии коптов
Year of production: 2024
Production country: Russia
Production company: Filipp Orlyansky
Director: Filipp Orlyansky
Producer: Filipp Orlyansky
Screenwriter: Filipp Orlyansky
Composer: Coptic Orthodox Church
D.O.P.: Alexander Kapkov
Editor: Filipp Orlyansky
Production designer: Filipp Orlyansky
Sound Director: Filipp Orlyansky
Film category: Documentary
Rating: 12+
Length: 108 min.
The film introduces the viewer to the Ancient Eastern Coptic Orthodox tradition of church singing, which has its roots in ancient Egypt. The Copts are the receivers and keepers of the culture of the ancient Egyptians, they are the real descendants of the Pharaohs. Keeping in touch with the ancient culture through language and melodies, the Copts did not reject the thousand-year-old musical achievements of the ancient Egyptians, but thanks to Christianity transformed them, creating a very special style in the unique masterpieces of spiritual melodic thought of the singing culture of liturgical singing.
Selected festival history
  • International Festival of Films and Television Programs "Radonezh" (2024, Moscow, Russia)
  • International Orthodox Sretensky Film Festival "Meeting" (2024, Russia, Obninsk)
Filipp Orlyansky
Filipp Orlyansky was born on 21.08.1986 in Sochi, Russia. In 2012 graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University; in 2017 graduated from VGIK. Currently works on a documentary series dedicated to ancient church chants of different countries - "Angelic Chants".

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