The Village Lights. Yuri Makeev. Petrovki Village Theatre
Огни большой деревни. Юрий Макеев. Петровский деревенский театр
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Light Studio
Director: Yaroslav Lebedev
Producer: Stanislav Shapovalov, Darya Safronova
Screenwriter: Yaroslav Lebedev, Darya Safronova
D.O.P.: Nikita Belai
Editor: Maksim Hotko
Sound Director: Vadim Sergach, Aleksandr Rublevskii
Cast: Yurii Makeev
Film category: Portrait film
Rating: 12+
Length: 26 min.
Yuri Makeev, a successful actor, is obsessed with the idea to build the first country theater. So, he sells his flat, and moves with his family to a faraway village called Petrovka. There he becomes a farmer and wants to establish the Village Day, but he is torn between his creative ideas and work on the farm.
Selected festival history
  • Ethnografilm Paris, France
  • Golden Raven, Russia
  • Northern Character, Russia
  • Logcinema Theatre on Films, USA
Yaroslav Lebedev
Was born on 20 January 1991 in Kyiv. Trained as a film and theater actor at the Institute of Theater Arts of Kyiv International University. After graduation Yaroslav Lebedev acted in TV series for young people. In 2018, he completed the directing programme of Alexey Popogrebsky and Denis Klebleev at the Moscow Film School.

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