Visual Streak
Зрительная полоса
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: Daria Khrenova
Director: Lilia Dmitrik
Producer: Daria Khrenova
Screenwriter: Lilia Dmitrik
Composer: Alexander Aleynikov
D.O.P.: Igor Davydov
Editor: Sofia Iosko
Sound Director: Victor Brus
Cast: Evgeny Bulgakov, Ruslan Ilemisov, Tatiana Andriyanets
Film category: Documentary
Rating: 12+
Length: 47 min.
Visual Streak is a documentary film about Przewalski's wild horses, being preserved at the Russian National Nature Reserve. Scientists aim to recreate population of the endangered red book species. Film studies work of the scientists and the world of wild horses: their complicated family structure as hareems, their psychology and sight – how they see humans and each other.
Selected festival history
  • Form of Life International Film Festival, Special Jury Diploma (2023, Russia, Perm)
  • Festival of Contemporary Scientific Cinema (FUNK), Audience Award (2023, Russia, Moscow)
  • International Environmental Film Festival "Green Ribbon", Grand Prix (2023, Russia, Pushkin)
  • Golden Eagle Award, Long list (2023, Russia, Moscow)
  • Laurel Branch Award, Long list (2023, Russia, Moscow)
Lilia Dmitrik
Liliia Dmitrik, author and director of documentary films, was born on 05.10.1992 in the Ukraine. In 2015 graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2021 studied in the Moscow Film School.

2023 - Visual Streak (documentary \ debut)
2021 - Eyes Wide Open (student documentary)
2021 - Power without Love (student documentary)