Wait for it! Vacations (episode No. 20 "Stop, it's filmed!")
Ну, погоди! Каникулы (серия № 20 «Стоп, снято!»)
Year of production: 2021
Production country: Russia
Production company: Soyuzmultfilm
Director: Elena Polyakova
Producer: Yulia Osetinskaya, Yuliana Slashcheva, Lika Blanc
Screenwriter: Dmitry Budashkaev, Vyacheslav Blagodarsky, Dmitry Kapin
Composer: Ivan Dorn, Dmitry Vikhornov, Stanislav Smirnov
Editor: Stepan Neupokoev, Tatyana Vartanyan, Alexander Pavlov
Production designer: Anatoly Sokolov, Roman Maurice
Film category: Animated series
Rating: 6+
Length: 7 min.
Welcome to a year-round luxury resort where every vacationer will find something to their liking. A lover of active recreation, the Hare again fails to enjoy the holidays to the fullest, because the bully and rascal Wolf is constantly hanging around. Various kinds of conflicts constantly flare up between the aggressive Wolf and the peace-loving Hare: from the struggle for the attention of the charming Roe Deer Uli to competition for the main prize in bicycle racing. Filled with tricks and trademark humor, the chase adventures will not leave both children and adults indifferent!