When the snow will fall
Когда выпадет снег
Year of production: 2023
Production country: Russia
Production company: St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television
Director: Ekaterina Asrieva
Producer: Eldar Zagirov
Screenwriter: Ekaterina Asrieva
Composer: Aleksandra Vasilkova
DOP: Nikita Afandiev
Editor: Ekaterina Asrieva
Sound Director: Aleksandra Vasilkova
Film category: Drama
Rating: 0+
Length: 7 min.
A young guy, just abandoned by a girl and plunging into apathy, meets his neighbor from the house opposite, grandfather, who really wants to make friends with him.
Ekaterina Asrieva
Ekaterina Asrieva was born in Tarusa. She graduated from art school, then college, took lessons at the St. Petersburg Repin Academy, then entered the State Institute of Cinema and Television of St. Petersburg. The path in the animation industry began even before she entered the institute, when she was taken to the 2x2 studio and began to train. During her studies at the institute, she managed to work with different orders and studios, in a variety of techniques, but she gave her soul to stop motion animation.

2023 - When the snow will fall
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