Year of production: 2021
Production country: Kazakhstan
Director: Dauren Kamshibayev
Producer: Yerkebulan Kurishbaev, Dauren Shuraev, Elzhas Rakhim
Screenwriter: Sabina Tusupova
Composer: Dana Zulpykhar
D.O.P.: Asylkhan Meldebekov
Editor: Timur Dulatov
Production designer: Zhalalitdin Ibarigimov
Cast: Adina Bazhan, Berik Aitzhanov, Murat Bisenbin, Sanurzhan Suleymenov
Rating: 18+
Length: 113 min.
Everyone experiences the death of loved ones in their own way.
After the death of the head of the family, the discouraged mother of two, Sara, receives a threat that her husband's honor will be defamed at his funeral. Under the caustic ridicule of others, she tries to follow her duty, which breaks the life of her daughter Zere. Sara is confident that she has the right to decide the fate of her child, but Zere chooses her own path. Where it leads is not important. The freedom to make her own decisions, just like freedom to love is a natural need of a
15-year-old girl. The rest is left to the destiny.
Dauren Kamshibayev
Dauren is a script writer and director. Born on June 2 1987 in Kazakhstan. Graduated from UCLA - the writers group.
He is the head of Taraz Film School in Kazakhstan.
ZERE - is his directors' debut full length feature film.

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