Chukotka hosted the first golden raven film lab, aimed at the district's schoolchildren
From June, 12 till June, 18, 2023 in Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug was held a film-laboratory "Golden Raven", which was a part of Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven".

This year the film lab was separated from the main film festival in order to pay more attention to the educational process and for the first time it was focused on school-aged children from 12 to 18 years old.
19 June 2023
The participants of the Golden Raven film-laboratory were pupils of the children's summer school camp "The Pink Gull", organized in the city of Anadyr. All the educational activities were held at the Main General Education School №1 and the first films by the children were premiered on the big screen in the Polar Theater on June 18. Viewers were presented with works that participants created on their own within a week under the guidance of professional mentors. The guys went through a film intensive and immersed themselves in the basics of filmmaking in two areas "Feature Films" and "Animation".

The training resulted in three feature short works - "Once Upon a Time in Yaranga", "Abandoned Food Court", "Film about a Movie 'Once Upon a Time in Yaranga'", as well as an animated almanac "Presence of Spirit" consisting of six stories. All works are united by an interest in the native land, its history and ethnography, as well as the spiritual culture of indigenous peoples. Children were very actively involved in the process of creating films and cartoons, which undoubtedly paid off.

At the end of the training 30 people were awarded Diplomas of participants of the film-laboratory "Golden Raven" and souvenir sets from the film festival.

Vladislav GarievichKuznetsov, Acting Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug addressed the audience from the screen: "Dear children, participants, parents and organizers of the film lab of the Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven", I am glad to greet you! It is great, that such events take place in our Chukotka! Children are our future, it all depends on you how Chukotka will develop. You have to learn new things, work as a team and share your ideas. During this week you have created not only feature and documentary films, but also cartoons. Some of you tried your hand as directors and screenwriters, some became actors and some became cameramen. I am glad that you have had a lot of impressions and learned to work fast and to get results. You are very good! Maybe some of you realized that you would work professionally in the film industry. I am sure that you will always remember that we have a very beautiful county, it is worthy to shoot documentaries, feature films and cartoons here. And whatever profession you choose in the future, it would be great if your talents and abilities you will realize in your homeland, in Chukotka. And we from the side of the Government of the district will support you and will try to hold more such interesting and useful events as "Golden Raven". I wish you success! Thanks again to the participants and organizers!

Philip Abryutin, director, artistic director of AIFF "Golden Raven": "For the film festival "Golden Raven" holding a film lab for the creative youth of Chukotka has always been extremely important, a priority. Every year we develop both the film festival and the film lab, try different formats and expand the program. This year we have made an emphasis on working with schoolchildren and we are very happy with the results! The children had an opportunity to reveal their talents on the film set, as well as in the creation of cartoons. It's important that the scripts written by the participants are closely connected with Chukotka, its history and traditions. It is great that Chukotka has conditions for development and realization of the creative youth, and "Golden Raven" will continue working in this direction".

Cinematographers became teachers of the "Golden Raven" film lab:

Philip Abryutin - director, screenwriter, producer, film teacher, Member of the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation. Graduated from VGIK named after S. Gerasimov, faculty of directing, workshop of feature films under the guidance of V. Abdrashitov. Directed "Dream Team", "Tragedy in Rogers Bay", "Preventing Repeated Crime", "The Stars Will Show Me the Way", which won awards at a number of major Russian and international film festivals. He is a founder and artistic director of the Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven".

Daria Gladysheva is the founder of the McGuffin Film School, a producer and film teacher. Graduated from the Sociology Department of the State University for the Humanities and from VGIK from courses for advanced training in editing. Graduated from the production laboratory of the "Kultburo". Participant of the montage section of Berlinale Talents - 2015. She teaches theory and practice of feature film editing at the Moscow Film School and the Higher School of Economics, Skillbox and Liveclasses.

Alexander Gamov - cameraman, editor, film maker. A student of the Institute of Contemporary Art. Teacher at the McGuffin Film School. McGuffin Film School.

Maria Dubrovina is a director-teacher at animation studio "Yes". Graduated from the faculty of journalism of St. Petersburg State University, department of photography and design of periodicals. Scriptwriter and director of the animation series "Flying Animals", "Kids", "Cars", "Heavenly Chancellery". Teacher of animation at the "TAK" school. Curator of children's animation workshops at the festival "The edge of the world. Vostok".

Polina Zaslavskaya is an artist-producer of the animation studio "Yes". Artist, curator, teacher of painting. Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Participant of numerous exhibitions and festivals in Russia and abroad. Artist-architect of numerous exhibitions about cinema and not only. Curator of children animation workshops.

Film lab "Golden Raven" is held in the framework of the Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" by the Production Center "Youth Initiatives", Center for Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" with the support of the Government of Chukotka AO, Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Chukotka, AO Chukotka Okrkinovideoprokat, Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

The film festival activities are realized within the framework of the National Project "Culture".

Link to the poster of the "Golden Raven" Film Festival.

Link to the animation character "Golden Raven".

(Photographers ZemfiraAzamatova and Roman Malykhin)

Read the statement of the film lab here.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" has been held annually since 2017 on the territory of Chukotka Autonomous District and is a professional review-contest of cinematographic works from all over the world. The concept of the Golden Raven film festival is based on the search and demonstration of the best modern films related to the Arctic, strengthening of cooperation between the Arctic countries, preservation and popularization of the culture of the peoples of the North, and support of young talents.