The 7th Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" opened in Anadyr
The VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" opened in Anadyr on May 1. The official ceremony was held at the Polar Cinema. The gala event began with a performance by students of the School of Arts, and the State Academic Chukotka-Eskimo ensemble "Ergyron" was responsible for the unique creative atmosphere of the region, which showed dance and vocal numbers. Grigory Andreevich Tynankergav, the pride of Chukotka, the son of hereditary reindeer breeders, elder, honorary citizen of the Chukotka Autonomous District, excellent explorer of subsurface resources, addressed the guests, audience and participants of the festival with a welcoming speech: "Today we are hosting here the VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" and it speaks volumes. Our region is really beautiful - believe me, a geologist who has traveled through forest, tundra, steppe, and deserts. And I have never seen anything more beautiful. Even international guests are always amazed by the pristine nature of Chukotka. But we are also proud of our countrymen. The festival "Golden Raven", which can be rightly called the heart of Chukotka, was also organized by our fellow countryman, Philip Abryutin, and we are very grateful to him for that. I hope the jury, guests and spectators will enjoy the films and get unforgettable impressions from our land".

To announce the opening of the VII Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" the artistic director Philip Abryutin and the head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Chukotka AO Evgeny Tikhomirov came to the stage.

"The Golden Raven festival is an important event in the cultural life of not only Chukotka, but the entire Far East. It is very valuable that the film festival is held at a high international level - this year it has significantly expanded its geography and will present works of filmmakers from China, Iran, Kazakhstan and other countries with which Russia intends to strengthen cultural cooperation. I am sure the festival will give the audience a variety of emotions from the films, performances and creative meetings", - said Evgeny Tikhomirov.

Philip Abryutin admitted that despite the fact that the festival is held for the seventh time, he is always excited on stage as in the first one. This year the show is not held in winter and autumn, as it was before, but at the beginning of the Chukchi spring, when the Far Eastern region is pleased with sunny weather and the awakening of life.

"The most important thing at our festival is the atmosphere of friendship, love, support, camaraderie. And every time we meet at the film festival and watch movies, we feel it. The films shown take on a new life here - with the Chukchi audience. And it's very important that filmmakers from different parts of the world come here. I hope they will fall in love with our unique film festival and pass a piece of its energy, charge, mood to their friends, colleagues, acquaintances from their cities and regions and Chukotka will forever remain in their hearts", - said Philip Abryutin, AIFF "Golden Raven" artistic director.

The opening film was the feature film "Water Boy" directed by Fayzullo Fayzov from Tajikistan. "I am very grateful to the organizers of the film festival for inviting my film. This is my first big work. I studied acting for five years and then I went to Iran where I studied directing. And this film, which tells about the relationship between man and nature, is the result of my life and educational experience," said Faizullo Faizov, presenting his work.

The picture "Water Boy" participates in the international competition of full-length feature and non-feature films. Together with it for the main prize claimed eight other films. These are Russian documentaries "Unfreezing Harbor of Hope" directed by Daria Khrenova about the tragedy of the Great Patriotic War in the Arctic, "Seven Days of Autumn" directed by Alexei Golovkov about the life of two people in a valley in the Verkhoyanskiye mountains of Yakutia, "The Holy Archipelago," directed by Sergei Debizhev, which tells about the history of the Solovetsky Islands, and the Argentinean non-fiction film "Those Who Do Not Want To See," directed by Graciela Patricia De Luca about the lives of blind people. Among the feature films are the Chinese film "Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream" directed by Wang Chong, the Iranian drama "Asteroid" directed by Mehdi Hoseinivand, one of the first films made in the Altai language - "The Path" directed by Mikhail Kulunakov and the thriller "Fog" directed by Natalia Gugueva, shot at the working weather station on the shore of the Barents Sea.

The Iranian cinematographer Behrouz Shoaibi, producer Kanat Torebay, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Strategic Development of the State Center of National Film Support of Kazakhstan, festival producer from China Li Yuan, film critic Egor Moskvitin, chief editor of "Lenfilm" studio, teacher Andrey Apostolov will judge full-length films. Aleksey Romanov, a famous film director from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Art Director of the "Sakhafilm" film studio, will be the chairman of the jury. The best short films will be chosen by the Chinese producer Guo Xuyian, actress Ksenia Surkova, director and radio host Ivan Semikletov under the guidance of the director and producer of the Central House of Filmmakers of Russia, director and producer Ekaterina Golovnya.

"This is my first time in your land - it's beautiful. There is an incredible sense of life here. I promise that my colleagues and I will be fair, kind and objective," said Ekaterina Golovnya.

The jury will make their choice in each competition program, but the hallmark of "Golden Raven" is that the Grand Prix winner is chosen by the audience. The full-length competition program will have the following nominations: for best film, best director, best screenplay, best cinematography, and special jury prize. Short Film Competition nominations: Audience Award, Best Feature Film, Best Non-Fiction Film, Special Jury Prize. In addition, the winner of this year's Golden Raven medallion will be announced by the festival partner, Gazprom neft, as part of the "Hometowns" social investment program. The festival awards are created by the carver from mammoth tusk and moose horn and depict in their composition the legend of the raven-demiurge creation of the world.

In addition to film screenings, guests, participants and spectators of the VII AIFF "Golden Raven" will find a rich industrial program, which will be devoted to strengthening of international cultural cooperation. Besides, this year for the first time the festival will present a big animation program, where the young audience will be able to see new interesting animated films and choose the winner. The "Golden Raven" will also include a creative meeting with Konstantin Bronzit, an animation film director and two-time Oscar nominee, creative meetings with actors Olga Khokhlova, Ksenia Surkova and Denis Buzin, as well as an apartment with the popular music group "Intonation".

"Our whole team worked hard to make this week's festival interesting for guests, participants, and spectators alike. Just recently - last December - we finished our sixth film festival. And now we are here again for the seventh Golden Raven, for which we have received more than 3000 applications from all over the world. More than 110 films will be screened during this week, so come and vote for the films, the main winner is traditionally chosen by the audience", - stressed the producer of the festival Oksana Lahno.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is held by the Production Center "Youth Initiatives", Center of Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Chukotka, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Chukotka, Chukotka Autonomous Okkynovideoprokat, Russian Filmmakers Union and also by the social investment program "Hometowns" and "MOST Foundation".

The events of the film festival are implemented as part of the National Project "Culture".
May 02, 2023