Vladimir Krivov's documentary "Detached" became a triumphant winner of the VI International Arctic Film Festival "Golden Raven"
Vladimir Krivov's documentary "Detached" became the winner of the Grand Prix and the main prize of the jury of the VI Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven", the closing ceremony of which was held on December 11 at the cinema "Polar" in Anadyr.

A distinctive feature of the "Golden Raven" is that the Grand Prix winners are chosen by the audience here, but a professional jury also works at the festival. This year feature competition program was evaluated by Russian Geographical Society award-winning director Olga Stefanova, Kazakh producer, marketing and distribution expert Anna Darmodekhina, producer, director, screenwriter from Kyrgyzstan Taalaibek Kulmendeev, Chinese publisher and media manager Mu Ping, teacher and specialist in the Chukchi language and culture Grigory Ranavroltyn. The chairman of the jury was the Russian actor, director and producer Vasily Mishchenko.

As a result, both the professional jury and the audience chose Vladimir Krivov's documentary "Detached". This is, on the one hand, a monologue of one Chukchi, and on the other – of an entire nation. A monologue about life, about the Motherland, about what makes the Chukchi break away from their roots. This film is a possible projection of our future. Because many of us, choosing the benefits of civilization, risk losing ourselves.

"This film was created in difficult conditions and for me it is of great importance. I am very touched that our picture has found a response from the audience, especially here in Chukotka. I would like to thank everyone who is in the hall right now, and a lot of your fellow countrymen. Thank you very much to the organizers of the festival – the people who made this celebration of cinema for all of us," Vladimir Krivov said, receiving the award.

The picture "Detached" was also awarded the jury prize for the best cinematography. The award for best directing went to Natalia Nazarova, who shot the action-packed drama "No crying", the jury also awarded this film with the prize for the best script. The special prize of the jury of the competition of full-length feature and non-fiction films "For the love that wins" went to the Norwegian film "Everybody hates Johan" directed by Hallvar Witzo. Also in this section, the jury handed out three diplomas: "For the debut with the wish of a great creative path" – the film "On the exhale" by Rinat Makhmudov, "For faith in man" – the documentary "Robber Monastery" by Svetlana Stasenko and "For flying in a dream and in reality" – the Yakut film "Don't bury me without Ivan" by Lyubov Borisova. Another Yakut participant of the full–length competition – director Alexander Lukin with the film "White Tundra Angel" - was awarded a Special prize by the Organizing Committee of the "Golden Raven" Film Festival.

This year, for the first time, a professional jury of a short film competition worked at the festival. It consisted of the president of the Producers Guild of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia Philip Kudryashov, actor Ivan Solovyov, producer Tatiana Osmanskaya, cameraman Vladimir Politik, head of the regional public organization "Chychetkin Vetgav"- "Native Word" Victoria Kavry.

"This is my first experience in the jury and it is a great honor and great happiness for me to judge and choose the winner in such a strong program. We had 30 pictures – 15 feature and 15 non-feature films, and also 12 works in the program "Kinovzlet!". We watched all these films very carefully and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each picture. And it was not an easy job," Ivan Solovyov noted.

As a result, the Kazakh film "Street Poet" by Samgar Rahim became the best feature short film, and "Haulout" by Maxim and Evgenia Arbugaev won in the block of non-fiction films. In the competition of regional films "Kinovzlet!", Sergey Gavrilenko's "Ytykey" became the best film. The special prize of the jury of the short film competition "For professionalism and relevance of the topic" went to "Zero Gravity" by Ivan Sosnin. Vladimir Menshov, who played Viktor Salimyanov in the film "Gunman", was posthumously awarded a special diploma "For a master class on the screen". The jury also distributed three more diplomas: "For the skillful disclosure of children's talents" – to the director from Uzbekistan Sukhrob Kadirov with the film "Sledge", "For authenticity in feature films" – to the director Vahe Mikaelyan with the picture "I remember" and "For creating the image of asceticism and mercy in non–fiction cinema" - to the director Nikita Ikonnikov, who shot the film "Mother Teresa of Prikamye". The audience award of the competition of short non-fiction and feature films went to the film "On the Ground" by Valentina Knyazkova.

"We have a special festival this year, there was a very busy program, so some things happen unplanned. Therefore, on behalf of the organizing committee, we decided to celebrate the author of one beautiful work that touched us very much," Philip Abryutin, the artistic director of the "Golden Raven", intrigued. – One of the heroes of this work says: "It does not happen that all days are good, but there is always something good in every day." And it filled the souls of all of us with amazing warmth."

The organizing committee of the VI Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" awarded a special diploma for the preservation and popularization of the unique cultural heritage of the peoples of Chukotka to the collective of the Chukchi-Eskimo ensemble "Ergyron", which was responsible for the unique creative atmosphere of the opening and closing ceremonies of the show.

Philip Abryutin also thanked the government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region for supporting the festival and shared his plans for the next year: "With each festival, the competition between films is getting higher, and this year was no exception. We are pleased with the success with the audience. This year we managed to bring almost all the participants of the competition program, we had a jury of a short film competition, we began to award the winners of the regional competition "Kinovzlet!" separately, theatrical events appeared in our program. I hope that our film festival will gradually become a cultural forum and unite cinema, theater, and music made with an emphasis on the Arctic. We also plan to expand our competition program to include a separate animated films competition related to the Arctic."

Oksana Lakhno, producer of the "Golden Raven" Film Festival, also gratefully noted the great audience interest in the current festival, which inspires the organizers of the show: "We want to grow and hold as many various events for the audience as possible, to involve them in the festival life. Already this year we have held more than 50 events and more than 100 film screenings – this is a business program, a presentation of films for schoolchildren, various creative meetings, master classes, and, of course, screening films with discussion. I am sure that next year our program will become even more extensive – so that the time we spend in Chukotka and local viewers spend at our festival will flash by instantly."

Philip Abryutin, together with Deputy Governor – Chairman of the Government, Head of the Governor's Office and the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region Vladislav Nabiev, declared the VI Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" closed.

"The jury members said that it is difficult to fly to Chukotka, but it is even more difficult to fly from Chukotka. For some the weather becomes an obstacle, someone has a heart here, and someone, in principle, stays here forever. That is our Chukotka. And I am very glad that you have visited us these days. Thanks to our jury, the audience, the participants and, of course, the organizers of the festival," Vladislav Nabiyev said.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is held by the Producer Center "Youth Initiatives", the Center for the Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" with the support of the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, AU CHAO Okrkinovideoprokat, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.