Where The White Cranes Dance
Там, где танцуют стерхи
Year of production: 2024
Production country: Russia
Production company: Saisary Cinema
Director: Michael Lukachevskiy
Producer: Michael Lukachevskiy, Semyon Amanatov, Valeria Motorueva, David Gurtskaya
Screenwriter: Aleksey Ambrosiev Jr.
Composer: Moisey Kobyakov
D.O.P.: Serafim Fedorov
Editor: Lyubov Borisova
Production designer: Sargylana Skrybina
Costume designer: Bermet Lazareva
Make up artist: Galina Semenova
Sound Director: Innokentiy Sivtsev
Cast: Misha Sleptsov, Nurgun Bechigen, Nugruyana Shadrina, Zoya Popova, Anatoly Struchkov, Aleksey Egorov
Film category: Drama, family
Rating: 6+
Length: 95 min.
Yakutia, 60s. The little boy Vanya returns home after six years he spent in the hospital, where he was hospitalized with a spinal injury he accidently got when he was a baby.
Vanya still can't walk, but little by little he is trying to stand on crutches and take steps by himself. He is encouraged in his attempts by mother, who believes that Vanya will definitely be able to walk.
However, the happiness of the reunited family doesn't last long as the mother dies during childbirth, and little Vanya becomes an orphan, barely having time to feel the warmth of his mother's love.
The father, Ion, trying to console the children, tells them story about a distant wonderland where the Siberian white cranes inhabit. He convinces boys that their mother has turned into one of these beautiful and sacred birds. From that moment on, Vanya has a dream of seeing the rare dance of the white cranes and meet the mother, who has been reborn as a bird.
Michael Lukachevskiy
Michael Lukachevsky was born in 1986 in the village Borogontsy, Republic of Sakha.
Studied at Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television, the Faculty of Film and TV directing.
He works in Yakutia, shot more the 13 movies. Michael is a founder and producer at the «Saisary Cinema», a Yakutian film production company.

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