Films with Elena Podkaminskaya, Olga Bodrova and Ivan Yankovsky entered the competition program
The VI Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" – one of the main cultural events in the Arctic – will be held from November 28 to December 11, 2022 in Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Region), the opening ceremony of the festival will take place on December 5. These days, the audience will be able to have a look at the best feature films, documentaries and short films from around the world, as well as films shot in different regions of Russia.

"Golden Raven" Film Festival is a unique cultural event for the Far North of Russia. For the past six years, we have been screening the best films created in the Arctic, which help to get to know it better and understand not only its history, nature, but also the people who live here – strong, brave, real! In a certain sense, our "Golden Raven" is a window to the Arctic and the team and I are very proud that the echo of the festival will be held in more than twenty regions of Russia this year!" says the festival's artistic director Philip Abryutin.

"This year is very important for us in the development of the "Golden Raven" Film Festival! We are expanding, becoming a large-scale cultural project. As part of the festival, we started shooting short films with talented cinematographers of Chukotka, theatrical performances and music-related events appeared in the program. As part of the business program, we will discuss the prospects for the development of the creative industry in national regions and how this can help preserve the diversity of Russian culture!" - says the producer of the film festival Oksana Lakhno.

Thus, 12 works will be presented in the international competition of feature films. These are the film "Run woman run" by the Canadian writer and director, a representative of the indigenous Heiltsuk tribe Zoe Hopkins, the Norwegian comedy "Everybody hates Johan" by Hallvar Witzo, the documentary films "Are you Icelandic?" by Magnea Bjork Valdimarsdottir, "Robber Monastery" by Svetlana Stasenko, "Holy Light" by Anna Yanovskaya, "Freedom Squared" by Anastasia Zverkova and "Detached" by Vladimir Krivov. Also, two Yakut films will be shown in the international competition – "White Tundra Angel" by Alexander Lukin and "Don't Bury me without Ivan" by Lubov Borisova. In addition, viewers will be able to see the directorial debut of Anastasia Nechaeva "Velga" with Olga Bodrova in the leading role, Natalia Nazarova's new work "No crying" with Svetlana Chuikina, Vladimir Levchenko and Ivan Yankovsky and Rinat Makhmudov's touching drama "On the Exhale" with Anastasia Samylova, Ivan Loginov, Elena Podkaminskaya and Fedor Lavrov.

The short section will feature 15 documentaries and 15 feature films, including a new work by the director of "Distant Relatives" Ivan Sosnin "Zero gravity" with Mariana Spivak and Alexey Barabash, a picture by Maxim and Evgenia Arbugaev "Haulout", a comedy by Leonid Gardash "The Young" with Olga Tumaykina and a film by Viktor Salimyanov "Gunman", where Vladimir Menshov played one of his last roles. For the first time, laureates of the casting platform of the art cluster "Tavrida" - "Stalin's Cranberries" by Ruslan Rimovich and "On the Ground" by Valentina Knyazkova got into this competition.

Since 2019, the "Golden Raven" Festival – the only one in the country – presents a special competition program of regional films "Kinovzlet!". This year it will show 12 films, including participants of the spring film laboratory "Chukotka.Doc" which was a unique educational project within the framework of the "Golden Raven", aimed at expanding the opportunities of the begginers in cinematography in the Chukotka Autonomous Region.

The winner of the grand Prix of the festival - the "Big Golden Raven" – will traditionally be chosen by the audience, but the rest of the prizes will be distributed by the jury. Feature films will be evaluated by Kazakhstan producer, marketing and distribution expert Anna Darmodekhina, Russian director, winner of the main prize of the Russian Geographical Society, director of radio "Russian Arctic" Olga Stefanova, producer, director, screenwriter from Kyrgyzstan Taalaibek Kulmendeev, Chinese publisher and media manager Mu Ping, teacher and specialist in Chukchi language and culture Grigory Ranavroltyn. The chairman of the jury will be Russian actor, director and producer Vasily Mishchenko. The best among the short films will be chosen by actor Ivan Solovyov, producer Tatiana Osmanskaya, cameraman Vladimir Politik, head of the regional public organization "Chychetkin Vetgav"-"Native Word" Victoria Kavry. The chairman of this jury will be the president of the Producers Guild of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Philip Kudryashov.

The audience of the VI International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is waiting for a rich out-of-competition program, as well as business program, master classes, performances.

The Arctic International Film Festival "Golden Raven" is held by the Producer Center "Youth Initiatives", the Center for the Development and Support of Cultural Projects "Golden Raven" with the support of the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, AU CHAO Okrkinovideoprokat, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

Posters of the film festival are available at the link

The full program of the film festival is available on the website



Competition screenings included a program of full-length feature and non-fiction films, a program of short feature films, a program of short non-fiction films, a competition "Kinovzlet".


  1. Run, Woman, Run (fiction, 2021, Canada, dir. Zoe Hopkins, 100 min.)
  2. Everybody hates Johan (fiction, 2021, Norway, dir. Hallvar Witzo, 89 min.)
  3. White Tundra Angel (fiction, 2021, Russia (Yakutia), dir. Alexander Lukin, 73 min.)
  4. No crying (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Natalia Nazarova, 125 min.)
  5. Velga (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Anastasia Nechaeva, 84 min.)
  6. On the exhale (fiction, 2021, Russia, dir. Rinat Makhmudov, 102 min.)
  7. Are You Icelandic? (doc., 2021, Iceland, dir. Magnea Bjork Valdimarsdottir, 63 min.)
  8. Robber monastery (doc., 2021, Russia, dir. Svetlana Stasenko, 60 min.)
  9. Holy light (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Anna Yanovskaya, 85 min.)
  10. Freedom Squared (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Anastasia Zverkova, 66 min.)
  11. Don't Bury Me without Ivan (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Lyubov Borisova, 123 min.)
  12. Detached (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. V. Krivov, 60 min)


  1. Human (2021, Russia, dir. Andrey Berchenko, 9 min.);
  2. Zero Gravity (2021, Russia, dir. Ivan Sosnin, 24 min.);
  3. I remember (2022, Russia, Vahe Mikaelyan, 24 min.);
  4. Girl with a Scythe (2022, Russia, dir. Ivan Kharatyan, 14 min.);
  5. Street Poet (2021, Kazakhstan, dir. Samgar Rahim, 29 min.);
  6. Acclimatization (2021, Russia, dir. Kristina Shirinova, 13 min.);
  7. On the Silk Road (2021, Uzbekistan, dir. Sherzod Nazarov, 15 min.);
  8. The Heat Death of the Universe (2021, Russia, dir. Evgeny Burak, Igor Bagaturia, 20 min.);
  9. Armchair (2022, Russia, dir. Alexandra Shishova, 29 min.);
  10. Gunman (2021, Russia, dir. Victor Salimyanov, 25 min.);
  11. Sledge (2021, Uzbekistan, dir. Suhrob Kodirov, 15 min.);
  12. Gilza (2021, Russia, dir. Dinara Abdrashitova, 24 min.);
  13. Kyz (2022, Russia (Udmurtia), dir. Maria Chernavina, 30 min.);
  14. Stalin's Cranberries (2022, Russia (Bashkortostan), dir. Ruslan Rimovich, 20 min.);
  15. The Young (2021, Russia, dir. Leonid Gardash, 15 min.


  1. The Birdman (2021, Russia, dir. Dmitry Zavigelsky, 39 min.);
  2. Haulout (2022, Russia, UK, dir. Maxim Arbugaev, Evgenia Arbugaeva, 25 min.);
  3. Children of War (2021, Russia (Yakutia), dir. Sardaana Barabanova, 37 min.);
  4. At the Bottom (2022, Kyrgyzstan, dir. Tamara Kubaeva, 23 min);
  5. Meerman (2021, Kyrgyzstan, dir. Aikol Nurlanbek uulu, 18 min.);
  6. Ok, good. Pinega (2021, Russia, dir. Sasha Kulak, Yulia Kurmangalina, 23 min.);
  7. Lakes of Russia. Svetloyar (2021, Russia, dir. Andrey Titov, 26 min.);
  8. Quarry (2020, Russia, dir. Dmitry Kargapolov, 22 min.);
  9. A ticket to life (2021, Russia, dir. Angelina Karpova, 17 min.);
  10. Wildflowers (2022, Russia, dir. Andrey Butuzov, 16 min.);
  11. Mother Teresa of Prikamye (2020, Russia, dir. Nikita Ikonnikov, 26 min.);
  12. To look beyond the Horizon (2020, Russia, dir. Ekaterina Kuteko, 36 min.);
  13. On the Ground (2022, Russia (Tavrida), dir. Valentina Knyazkova, 13 min.);
  14. How I Became Besermyanin (2020, Russia, dir. Sasha Voronov, 24 min.);
  15. The House where you are expected (2022, Russia, dir. Gulnara Khazeeva, 21 min.);


1. Naukan Tunes (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Irina Kalyuzhnaya, 10 min.);
2. Ergyron (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Elina Kuritsyna, 11 min.);
3. Compromising evidence (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Nikita Bereznyakov, 13 min.);
4. Simple film (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Omryn Ruvanto, 1 min.);
5. Dark Sun (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Olga Pakhomova, 12 min.);
6. Day for Love (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Irina Chebakova, 9 min.);
7. Hello (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Ivan Semikletov, 8 min.);
8. A Tale for Alice (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Marta Sizikova, 12 min.);
9. Yttykey (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Sergey Gavrilenko, 9 min.);
10. Savely (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Mikhail Makushin, 12 min.);
11. Where the Sun is Waiting (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Vyacheslav Velvun, 16 min.);
12. What are we doing in the village (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Stanislav Nagatkin, 6 min.).

For the first time, the winners of the Casting Platform of the Art Cluster "Tavrida" (films "Stalin's Cranberries" and "On the Ground") entered the competition program of short films.



The stars will show me the way (fiction, dir. Philip Abryutin, 2022, Russia, 105 min.)
Distant Relatives (fiction, dir. Ivan Sosnin, 2022, Russia, 89 min.);
Nakhimovtsy (
fiction, dir. Oleg Strom, 2021, Russia, 87 min.);
Out of the access zone (
fiction, dir. Anna Kurbatova, 2020, Russia, 92 min.);
In Limbo (
fiction, dir. Alexander Hunt, 2021, Russia, 108 min.).

Artek.The Great Journey (fiction, dir. Karen Zakharov, Armen Ananikyan, 2021, Russia, 105 min.)
The Land of Sasha (dir. Yulia Trofimova, 2022, Russia, 82 min.)


Baigal (fiction, dir. Ildar Yagafarov, 2018, Russia, 81 min.);
Taganok Squad (fiction, dir. Ainur Askarov, 2020, Russia, 90 min.)


Not Ivan or how to tame a Hero (fiction, 2021, Russia, dir. Denis Shabliy, 23 min.);
(non-fiction, 2021, Russia, dir. Irina Chumakova, 20 min.);

Lone Warrior (doc., 2021, Russia, dir. Albert Samoilov, 30 min.);
Milyuta (doc., 2021, Russia, dir. Daniil Demichev 12 min.);

One Day in the Russian North (doc., 2021, Russia, dir. Tasia Spector, 10 min.);
Sakha Tyla (doc., 2021, Russia, dir. Maxim Tomash, 31 min.);
The crossing (non-fiction, 2021, Russia, dir. Olesya Loskova, 20 min.);
Starfall (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Maria Morozova, 21 min.);
Captain and Pinagor (doc., 2022, Russia, dir. Kristina Borodina, 11 min.); The
price of the question (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Grigory Shakhanov, 10 min.); The
Heart (fiction, 2022, Russia, dir. Anna Tsedrik 13 min.)


History of Arctic and Antarctic Studies
, 5 min. 44 sec., 2021, dir. Yura Boguslavsky, BFM Studio ;
Backyard, 6 min. 28 sec., 2021, dir. Anastasia Kamorina, Maria Maksimova, HSE; The
Road of a Thousand Gates, 6 min. 12 sec., 2021, dir. Varvara Obedkova, VGIK; It's getting
cold, 3 min. 35 sec., 2021, dir. Daria Ruzanova, SPbGIKiT;
Girlfriends, 4 min. 9 sec., 2021, dir. Natalia Abramova, VGIK; It's
snowing, 2 min., 2021, dir. Nina Bisyarina, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio;
Mommy's button, 6 min., 2021, dir. Anna Kritskaya, Studio "A film";
About shchelpy, 5 min. 38 sec., 2021, dir. Sergey Ainutdinov, GAUK SO "Innovative Cultural Center";
Maruska, 4 min. 48 sec., 2021, dir. Lyudmila Smolyar, VGIK;
Ayoga, 4 min. 13 sec., 2020, dir. Maria Ermakova;
In search of the Black Dragon, 5 min. 19 sec., 2022, dir. Anastasia Bondarenko, Studio "Green Stone";
Arctic tales, 10 min., 2020, dir. Grigory Malyshev, Ural Cinema Studio.

Polar Fairy tale
, 4 min. 53 sec., 2020, dir.Tatiana Panova, Hunters Animation Studio;
Wings for a friend, 3 min., 2020, dir. Mikhail Aldashin, Konstantin Arefyev, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio;
Iskra, 2 min. 8 sec., 2021, dir. Valentina Nabiulina, UrGAHU; The
First thunder, 5 min., 2017, dir. Anastasia Melikhova, "A Film" Studio;
Why a polar bear has a black nose, 3 min. 17 sec., 2021, dir. Ekaterina Mitrofanova, VGIK;
Lynx in the city, 6 min. 50 sec., 2019, dir. Nina Bisyarina, Folimage;
Children of the Arctic, 24 min. 21 sec., 2021, dir. Oksana Alexandrova, ANO "Center for Arctic Initiatives".


For the 80th anniversary of the production designer Francesca Yarbusova
"Plasticine hedgehog", "Fox and Hare", "Heron and Crane", "Hedgehog in the fog", "Fairy Tale of fairy tales".

Why dinosaurs disappeared
, dir. Roman Sinkevich, 3 min.
The cow, dir. Marina Karpova, 3 min.
Hippo and Compote, dir. Alexey Minchenok, 3 min.
Pyk-pyk-pyk, dir. Dmitry Vysotsky, 4 min.
The Ant and the Anteater, dir. Alexey Alekseev, 3 min.
Big friend, dir. Maria Matusevich, Mikhail Aldashin, 2 min.
If I were a captain, dir. Konstantin Shchekin, 2 min.
Seven Cats, dir. Roman Sinkevich, 3 min.
Mama Heron, dir. Marina Karpova, 11 min.
Unwashed Penguin, dir. Isabelle Favet, Mikhail Aldashin, 6 min.
Cloudberry, dir. Polina Minchenok, 7 min.
A very polite story, dir. Maria Bystrova, 4 min.
The cow dreamed, dir. Sergey Romashkin, 2 min.
Granny with a crocodile, dir. Mikhail Safronov, 3 min.
It's in the bag, dir. Ekaterina Savina, 4 min.
Weekend, dir. Andrey Bakhurin, 3 min.
Bul, dir. Elizaveta and Polina Manokhina, 4 min.
Two trams, dir. Svetlana Andrianova, 10 min.





Speaker Philip Kudryashov, President of the Guild of Producers and Organizers of the film process, producer.
Screening of the film from the cycle "Russians in world culture".

Presentation of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Tatarstan;
Presentation of "Askarfilm", Republic of Bashkortostan;
Presentation of the Center for the Development of Film Production of the Murmansk region.
Presentation of the Kyrgyz-Russian film project "Piebald Dog running by the edge of the sea" based on the work of the same name by Chingiz Aitmatov.


Screening of the film Buromsky Island (dir.Olga Stefanova, 2020, Russia, 80 min.)


Author: Yaroslava Pulinovich, Director: Horen Chakhalyan, Costume Designer: Polina Kuskova.
Artists: Ivan Solovyov, Elizaveta Bochkina
Musical arrangement: Alexander Ostapenko, Olesya Melentyeva.

CREATIVE EVENING of actor, director, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Vasily Mishchenko.

CREATIVE MEETING AND SCREENING with theater and cinema actor
Vlad Kanopka
Master class"Fundamentals of acting".
Screening of the movie "Boanthropy" (dir. Yuri Orlov, prod. Vlad Kanopka, Russia, 2022, 19 min)